Tioga County Sports Report for Penn York Valley


Tioga County Sports Report
BROCKPORT, N.Y. — Numerous Tioga County youth wrestlers have qualified for the 2020 NYWAY Wrestling Championships, which will be held Friday through Sunday at The College at Brockport.

Among the qualifiers are returning state champions Joseph Monell from Owego Youth Wrestling, Jayden and Ousmane Duncanson of Bombsquad Wrestling Club, and Brayden Bowman and Leah Wolcott from Waverly Youth Wrestling.

Following is a list of state qualifiers, to include their division, weight class and placement at the Southern Tier Regional as well as their affiliation.

D1, 45 pounds
2nd - Lucas Wolcott, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D2, 41
1st - Mason Phillips, Waverly Youth Wrestling
3rd - Keegen Gregrow, S-VE Youth Association
D2, 47
2nd - Forrest Cole, Waverly Youth Wrestling
3rd - Wyatt Sharpsteen, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D2, 54
3rd - Max Rosenberger, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D2, 122
1st - Alivia Decker-Waters, S-VE Youth Association
1st - Ricky Sindoni, Waverly Youth Wrestling
2nd - Cayden Burnett, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D3, 47
1st - Joseph Monell, Owego Youth Wrestling
D3, 53
2nd - Eli Keeney, Waverly Youth Wrestling
4th - Jase Stark, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D3, 57
1st - Emilee Decker-Waters, S-VE Youth Association
D3, 65
2nd - Roark Ward, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D3, 70
1st - Brayden Bowman, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D4, 50
2nd - Triton Floyd, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D4, 53
1st - Peyton Mister, Owego Youth Wrestling
D4, 56
1st - Parker Jackson, Tioga Tiger 3-Style
3rd - Lucas Stephens, Owego Youth Wrestling
4th - Harold Corby, Tioga Tiger 3-Style
D4, 67
3rd - Liamm Comstock, Tioga Tiger 3-Style
D4, 93
1st - Jax Myers, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D5, 54
2nd - Isaac Peppard, Independent Wrestling Club
D5, 58
2nd - John Michael Fanning, S-VE Youth Association
3rd - Robert Curley, Owego Youth Wrestling
D5, 66
4th - Austin Conklin, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D5, 70
1st - Avery Bowman, Independent Wrestling Club
D5, 80
1st - Brennan Zimmer, Independent Wrestling Club
D5, 86
2nd - Jeremy Cleveland, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D5, 102
1st - Owen Beach, Independent Wrestling Club
D6, 70
4th - Dallas Fanning, S-VE Youth Association
D6, 74
4th - Todd Laforest, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D6, 112
3rd - Trevor Monell, Owego Youth Wrestling
D7, 75
2nd - Kadin Cole, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
D7, 85
1st - Jayden Duncanson, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
D7, 102
2nd - RaeAnn Craft, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
D7, 110
2nd - Tayah Beach, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
D8, 81
3rd - Rodney Vaow, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
4th - Damion Barrett, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D8, 99
4th - Collin Monell, Owego Youth Wrestling
D8, 113
4th - Kevin Hollenbeck, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D8, 120
3rd - Skyler Perry, Waverly Youth Wrestling
D10, 106
1st - Shane Neal, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
D10, 113
1st - Emily Sindoni, Tioga Tiger 3-Style
D10, 138
1st - Ousmane Duncanson, Bombsquad Wrestling Club
D10, 170
N/A - Devin Beach, Bombsquad Wrestling Club (automatic qualifier as a varsity wrestler)

For the girls tournament, wrestlers did not need to qualify. Weight classes will be set once the number of participants is determined. Competitors are:

Bombsquad Wrestling Club
RaeAnn Craft Tayah Beach

S-VE Youth Association
Alivia Decker-Waters
Dallas Fanning

Tioga Tiger 3-Style
Bella Vough
Sophia Young
Serenity Babcock
Amelia Toomey
Natalie Young
Emily Sindoni

Waverly Youth Wrestling
Sawyr Lyons
Leah Wolcott
Kennedy Cole
Malia Phillips
Emma Richards-Randall

NOTE: If you notice an error or a Tioga County wrestler is omitted from the list, contact Tim Taylor at timtaylor2661@gmail.com or 570-867-2767 to make a correction.