Tioga County Sports Report for Penn York Valley


Tioga County Sports Report
TIOGA COUNTY - Hare scrambles has become a popular form of motorcycle racing and has caught on with racers of all ages - both those who compete on motorcycles and those who enjoy racing quads.

The Western New York Off-Road Association recently completed its 2018 race season, which consisted of 14 races. Eleven of those races count toward points for the season. If a person races all 14, then they can "throw away" their worst three races.

The WNYOA races this year were held in Newfield, Richford, Moravia, Candor, Odessa, Speedsville, Homer, Equinuk, Pennsylvania, Berkshire, and with three races in Newark Valley and two in Harpursville. Each race weekend averages about 400-450 bikes and 300-350 quads.

Hare scrambles are conducted on closed-course tracks which vary in length. The terrain is wooded and fairly rugged in order to test the riders' skills and endurance. Some events may incorporate a short portion of a pre-existing motocross track. The natural terrain tests the riders' abilities to navigate through obstacles such as creek beds, logs, hills, mud, rocks and ruts.

The winner of each class is typically determined by who completes the most laps within a predetermined period of time. The most common time period for a hare scramble competition ranges from one to threehours.

Following are this year's champions in each division.

Pee Wee Bikes
Sr. Pee Wee 8: Drayton De Kay, Sayre
, Pa.

Sr. Pee Wee 7: Leland Houston, Newark Valley, N.Y.

Sr. 4 Stroke (7-8): Alex Rounds, Millport, N.Y.

Sr. Pee Wee 6:  Byson Thomas, Greentown, Pa.

Jr. Pee Wee 5: Gunner Bouwens, Newark, N.Y.

Jr. Pee Wee 4: Aiden Howe, Newark Valley, N.Y.

Jr. 4 Stroke (4-6): Deegan Wesneski, Canton, Pa.

Pee Wee Girls (4-8): Hayden Gehres, Candor, N.Y.

Mini Bikes
Super Mini (14-15): Ian Potter, Candor, N.Y.

Super Mini (12-13): Toby Cleveland, Erin, N.Y.

85 (12-15): Gavin Godfrey, Barton, N.Y.

85 (7-11): Owen Barnes, Equinunk, Pa.

65 (10-11): Mason Potter, Cortland, N.Y.

65 (7-9): Keegan Gillette, McGraw, N.Y.

Girls (13-15): Kayla Van Dyke, Ulster, Pa.

4 Stroke (7-15):Kolby Whitmarsh, Newark Valley, N.Y.

Girls (7-12): Katrina Ricca, Staten Island,  N.Y.

AA Bike: Benjamin Bouwens, Newark, N.Y.

AA 35+: Clayton Weaver, Wysox, Pa.

250 A: Skyler Kapalski, Jermyn, Pa.

Open A: Hunter Siegel, Parksville, N.Y.

125-200 A: Jonathan Ackley, Franklin, N.Y.

Vet A: Anthony Howe, Newark Valley, N.Y.

Senior A: Gabe Goodman, Locke, N.Y.

Super Senior A: Michael Casele, Johnsonville, N.Y.

250 B: Kevin Cotton, Candor, N.Y.

Open B: Michael Chandler, Chemung, N.Y.

125-200 B: Norman Connors, Constantia, N.Y.

Vet B: Tim McMahon, Newark Valley, N.Y.

Senior B: Adam Tischer, Rochester
, N.Y.

Super Senior B/C: Michael Brown, Millerton, Pa.

Masters: Daniel Fish, Ithaca, N.Y.

Women: Minnie Hansen, Gowanda, N.Y.

250 C (22+): Derek Ames, Schaghticone, N.Y.

250 C (12-21): Adam Thomas, Pine City, N.Y.

Open C: Anthony Mc Coy, Dryden
, N.Y.

125-200 C+ (16+): Davis Eastman, Berkshire, N.Y.

125-200 C (12-15): Ian Potter, Candor
, N.Y.

Vet C: Kyle Dynda, Austin, Pa.

Senior C: Andrew Mallow, Pine City, N.Y.

Schoolboy 1 (12-16): Kamren Lehman, Candor, N.Y.

Schoolboy 2 (14-16): Zack Smith, Millerton, PA

Vintage: Rich Satterly, Sayre
, Pa.

Pee Wee Quads

50 Open (6-11): Conner Streeter, Waverly, N.Y.

50 Perf Limited (4-11): Kaleb Shay, Whitney Point, N.Y.

50 Open Girls (4-11): Annabelle Badman, Moravia, N.Y.

50 Limited Girls (4-11): Kylee Strickland, Cortland, N.Y.

50 Sport Limited (6-11): Paxton Porter, Alpine, N.Y.

50 Sport Limited (4-5): Adrian Rosekrans, Horseheads, N.Y.

Mini Quads

Open (12-15): Garrett Meriwether, Homer, N.Y.

Open (8-12): Tavin Cook, Waterloo, N.Y.

2 Stroke Limited/ 4 Stroke Open (12-15):  Dillon Marryott, Ulster, Pa.

Girls (13-15): Abigail Swartwood, Auburn, N.Y.

70 Open (8-11): Kaleb Chilson, Ithaca, N.Y.

90 Limited (8-11): Hunter White, Owego, N.Y.

Girls (8-12): Kaitlyn Babcock, Richford, N.Y.

90 Sport Limited (8-15): Zachary Phillips, Canandaigua, N.Y.

90 Beginner Limited (8-15): Daelon Becotte, Kirkville, N.Y.

AA 1: Hunter Hart, Newfield, N.Y.

Junior A (22+): Kyle Percy, Locke, N.Y.

College A (16-21): Mitchell Kidd, Hewitt, N.J.

Vet A: Eric Wilczek, Locke, N.Y.

Senior A: Gary Chamberlain, Freeville, N.Y.

Junior B (22+): Nicholas Howarth, Lansing, N.Y.

College B (16-21): Jack Kidd, Hewitt, N.J.

Vet B: Jeff Bush, Homer, N.Y.

Teen (13-15): Brayden Vargason, Nichols, N.Y.

Women: Lauren Carr, Ithaca, N.Y.

Teen Girls (13+ ): Alexandra Streeter, Waverly, N.Y.

Junior C (22+): Nate Hoke, Nichols, N.Y.

College C (16-21): Evan Barnett, Willseyville, N.Y.

First Year C (16+): Devin Maniocchi, Avoca, N.Y.

Senior B: Yuri Kochergin, Sloatsburg, N.Y.

Super Senior B: Matt White, Churchville, Pa.

Vet C: Robert Stevens, Warren Center, Pa.

Teen Novice (13-15): Garret Stocks, Owego, N.Y.

Utility (601CC+): Kevin Johnston, Cold Brook, N.Y.

Utility (250-600cc): Frank White, Elmira, N.Y.

Teen Novice (14-15): Damien Hitt, Greene, N.Y.



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